Patches For Trade

Feel free to browse around and view the patches I have for trade. If you see anything out of place, please inform me so I can fix it. I am open to trading any of these patches for like quality patches (new for new, used for used, etc.) I also follow the rule, if you initiate a trade, you send your patch first, if I initiate a trade I will send mine first.

My want list is anything from Minnesota that is not listed on my website or swat patches that are identical to regular patches, but with subdued colors. I am not looking for every patch out there, I just do not have the room. I am strictly looking for the above types of patches, but do not hesitate to email if you are interested in something.

NOTE: I am only currently trading Minnesota patches for Minnesota patches and no patches are going to be marked "special". This is because I do not want offers for patches to not come in, if the trade does not feel equal, I will let you know. If you want to pled your case with me about why I should trade a Minnesota patch for a non-Minnesota patch, feel free to email me and state your reasons, I just might trade it.

Also, many of the Minnesota patches were taken with my digital camera, do not use colors as a reference for a trade. If you are curious of a color, email me and I will confirm it for you.

If you get any errors from any of the folders please contact me.


Minnesota Patches for Trade

Minnesota Police and Sheriff

Minnesota Fire and Rescue

Minnesota Security and Others


Police & Sheriff Patches For Trade

All Other States


Other Patches for Trade

Other Patches (none police/security related)

Non-USA Patches

Other States Fire Traders